What is a Flat Fee listing?

Flat Fee listings are no different than any other listing.  There is an upfront fee paid to our firm to input your listing into the MLS and all the places your listing will appear.  We also perform other services such as photography, sign placement, measurements, etc, which are all included in our Flat Fee.  A complete list of what we do is available.

How do Real Estate Listings and Commission Work?

There are two sides to all Real Estate transactions;

Sellers side- Seller & their Listing agent --- Listing agents obtain from the seller of a home the initial listing agreement contract.  That agreement contains all the details of the sellers offering their property for sale.  To include the total commission to be paid both sides of the transaction when the house sells.

Buyers side-Buyer & their Buyers agent --- Buyers agents work directly with the buyer and are usually with another Real Estate company besides the listing agency.  Buyers agents work with the listing agent once they have a buyer interested in the sellers home.  Negotiations begin at that point with the initial Offer to Purchase.

(Important Note:  There are numerous laws and regulations on how Real Estate agents can perform their duties to clients on each “side” of the transaction.)

What does MLS stand for and what does it mean?

Multiple Listing Service- A multiple listing service (MLS, also multiple listing system or multiple listings service) is a suite of services that enables real estate brokers​​​​​​​ to establish contractual offers of compensation (among brokers), facilitates cooperation with other broker participants, accumulates and disseminates information to enable appraisals, and is a facility for the orderly correlation and dissemination of listing information to better serve broker's clients, customers and the public.

What is a Buyer’s Agent Fee or Commission?

The fee you (the seller) pays to a real estate agent for bringing a ready, willing and able buyer.  In addition to bringing the buyer, the Buyer’s Agent handles the bulk of the paper work required to close the transaction, by working with the Lender and attorney handling the closing.

How long can my property stay in MLS with your firm?

Our listing contracts are good for 1-year.

What if I find a buyer for my property?

All you pay is $399… plus the  .5% of the Sale Price(that’s just half of 1%) no other commission is paid to us.  AS listing agents we are required to follow many laws and regulations once the property is listed, as well as reporting to the MLS.  There are laws that protect the buyer, and if not followed you could become liable for not handling the transaction accordingly.  The fee is a tiny fraction of what other firms charge for the peace of mind it brings.

Do you put a sign in our yard?

Yes….unless you don’t want one.  We are here to serve you, so whatever seems to be the best option for you.

If a call comes from the sign who answers it?  


A qualified and fully-licensed Traffic Realty Agent.

Who shows my home?

A licensed real estate agent that is a member of the local MLS.

How much does your listing program cost?

As Seller side agents we charge $399… plus .5% of the final selling price. It includes all listing, advertising, Virtual tour, Pictures, measurements, yard sign,  contracts, closing paperwork, negotiating between agents,  etc, etc.

In addition to our fee, for a property to enter the MLS, the Buyer’s  Agent must be offered compensation.  This fee is paid directly to the Buyers agent that brings the buyer who buys your home.

Traffic Realty Flat Fee Listing FAQs:

Flat Fee Listing FAQs

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