How to select a mortgage lender?

When searching for the right mortgage lender in Greensboro, North Carolina, you should seek multiple quotes from multiple sources.  Then sort quotes you receive by whatever matters most to you: APR, interest rate, monthly payment, lender fees, loan program, lender rating or cheapest cost over a certain amount of time.

Observe the way the lender responds to you when you first contact him or her

Are they prompt to respond to your initial contact? Are they friendly and courteous? Do they honor their quote that you saw online or in an offline ad? Are they willing to explain things to you or educate you about different choices? Do they proactively discuss the timeline of the loan (estimated closing date, when to lock the rate)? Do they discuss when/how rates will change?

Check out the lender’s reviews and testimonials.

Search the web for the lender’s reviews and third party testimonials.  See if local REALTORs refer clients to certain mortgage companies and see if they tend to stay away from them.  Review the lenders mission statements and decide if using a lender that is local, community based and cares about whom it services matters to you.  If you see that mortgages are a commodity, and you already know everything about the lending process, then maybe you should chose a large national lender offering the “lowest rate”.  If service and community matter to you, then maybe finding a local knowledgeable mortgage lending institution would be the best route.


Select local when you can, a personal visit goes a long way.