ROI.1.1EARN .75% APY in a CD or 12% Investing in LOCAL Real Estate!!**

Why Invest in Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem Real Estate Now??

  • Solid Returns – Low Risk: Our returns are typically the 10%-22% per property for our investors.    All investments are secured on heavily researched residential real estate.  We provide a complete research analysis on each property before we make an offer or solicit an investment.  We offer a nominal interest rate(guaranteed by the property) or a percent of the profit, whichever is HIGHER!!!
  • Listing inventories are at an 5-6 year low.  Houses are selling again!!
  • Great prices on distressed homes:  Banks have very strict restrictions on collateral quality.  Meaning it is very hard to get financing on properties that need work.  Since we buy with CASH, we can negotiate huge discounts off of Fair Market Value!!
  • Mortgage Rates are still very low.  Buyers can get more for their money and are actively searching for good homes in good neighborhoods.
  • Home-Buyers want new stuff, and willing to pay for it.  Our approach in renovations focuses on giving buyers as much new products in the hot areas of the homes (kitchen and baths), thus we are able to achieve premium prices at the time of re-sale.
  • Other investment returns are historically LOW!!  According to (1.27.2014) the average 1-year CD pays only .75%…that stinks!!!!

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**This is not a security.  **Any descriptions made on the above website will be explained in full detail on a property by property and investor by investor basis.  Any  information provided on this site containing an estimated return is based on the contract initiated by each investor on each property. All information provided on this page, has been do so through Traffic Realty USA and is not part of the standard real estate brokerage operations of Triad Homes & Properties, DBA Traffic Realty of the Triad.