We are currently seeking licensed real estate agents to partner with Traffic Realty in the following cities throughout the Southeastern United States:

  • Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • Roanoke, Virginia
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Orlando, Florida

At Traffic Realty we provide a unique experience for the right entrepreneur.  We just think differently.

We believe that the internet and ease of access to information that so bestowed Brokers in the past has gone.  Yes, we still hold knowledge and expertise, and deserve to get paid for it, but what about those consumers who want to share in the efforts of buying or selling the family home.  We call it “Consumer Centric” real estate.   At the center point of all we do is technology, because we must embrace the speed and ease of access to all crucial data in both the marketing of homes and the attraction of clients.

Founded by “Marketers” not REALTORS, we think about Customer AcQuisition, EnGagement and ReTention everyday.

Benefits of partnering with Traffic Realty:

  • Lead Generation Platforms-  we have proven systems to produce leads even if you’re brand spankin’ new to our industry.  New customers, New Customers, NEW CUSTOMERS!!!
  • Virtual Office Technology – Work your business from anywhere…most importantly work it from where the customers are…the field!!  HINT:  Customers don’t just show up to your office!
  • DOLLARS!!  We mean it when we say “PARTNER”.  Unbelievable commission splits in our Broker-In-Charge coverage areas and DYN-O-MITE referral splits outside of our coverage areas.  Oh, yes, we’ll generate customers for you even outside of our standard footprint.
  • Ability to own your own Traffic Realty office.  We are not a “Franchise” but are always looking for the right candidate to partner with.  In such arrangement, we’ll lend you our name, logos, websites, customer acQuisition platforms, business building expertise, and more and you pay an eensy-weensy fee on a per transaction basis.

For a confidential information session, call us,email us, Tweet us, Facebook us, LinkedIn us, … get the point…get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

See you at the TOP!!

H. Wyatt Flippen, Co-Founder, Traffic Realty USA, Inc and