Traffic Realty USA, Inc

A real estate industry think tank, developing a true customer centric residential real estate brokerage business.

What is “customer centric” real estate?
A process by which the use of cutting edge technologies and customer focused business principles have created a position in the real estate marketplace for firms, agents and brokers to operate with the customer in mind…not commission checks.
“Driving Real Estate in NEW Directions”

TrafficRealty.com was created in 2009 as a Virtual Office Real Estate Platform. By providing our customers, agents and management access to the latest technological advances available, we are creating a “Customer Centric” real estate brokerage. By focusing our processes on developing web-based technology which gives more control and full access to customers, we strive to reduce the overall costs associated in buying and or selling a home. For example, the Traffic Listing™ allows a home owner to list their property for a small “flat fee” while receiving a local full-service agent listed property and an in-depth web-marketing plan. As opposed to paying 6%+ to a traditional real estate firm and not knowing exactly what you are getting.

The directors of the parent company, Traffic Realty, LLC have a combined 30+ years experience in operating cutting edge real estate and real estate financing businesses. One founding member, real estate agent in Virginia began applying the Customer Centric business model to his business in 2004-2005. During this period, he refined the use of technology in his practice to generate over $320,000 in commissions over a 12-month span while being rated one of the highest ranked in customer service. It was through these tests we have created a true win, win for buyers and sellers in our footprint areas.

Traffic Realty is a full service real estate brokerage service with agents throughout Southwest Virginia and Piedmont Triad, North Carolina areas. Future expansion will include brokerages in other major metropolitan areas of Virginia and North Carolina.

In, June 2010, Traffic Realty, LLC and Free NC For Sale By Owner reached a joint venture marketing program in order to further our product offerings to homeowners. Free NC For Sale By Owner operates a series of websites for homeowners wanting to sell their home on their own and offers a wide variety of “Fee Based” services in addition to future plans using a unique partnership with Google to supply advertising on its sites.